Innocence and Experience Tour 2015

U2, Maverick/Principle Management, Live Nation

Creative Director
Willie Williams

Set Design
Es Devlin
Ric Lipson

Screen Content Producers
Sam Pattinson
Ben Nicholson for Empirical

Tour Video Director
Stefaan "Smasher" Desmedt

Content Creative Direction
Willie Williams
Luke Halls
Oliver Jeffers

Video Direction
Warren Bramley for four23
Jeff Frost
Kevin Godley
Luke Halls
Damian Hirst
Oliver Jeffers
Tom Krueger
Studio AKA
Xaver Xylophon

David Shepherd
Chris Shone
Susana Yamamoto
Laura Hulme
Casey Hupke
Brandon Kraemer
Terry Scruby
Lisa Wrake
Evan Di Leo

Tour Production Director
Jake Berry

CERN Location Producer
Alex Parks

Third Co Production Manager
Helen Campbell

Matthew Sanger

Access to the Large Hadron Collider courtesy of Paola Catapano at CERN, Switzerland

Photographs: Samy Mosher & Stufish