Youth Program

In collaboration with Tate Modern

Treatment runs an educational programme with the goal of helping talented young people find a path into our industry.  The workshops are based around specific creative projects which offer the participants practical experience and personal contact with professionals.

In 2021 Treatment partnered with Tate Modern Beyond Boundaries who commissioned five public art installations in the Bankside area, as part of a campaign to engage a younger audience. Having discussed the public artworks and their impact, 17 students from the Bosco Centre in Rotherhithe created a short film exploring themes relevant to themselves.  This was workshopped and created at Treatment Studio, and then projected in public during November 2021.

The 2022 programme includes similar opportunities as well as expanding to incorporate workshops covering show design and production.  Please contact for further information.


Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson

Project Coordinator

Ray Trotman


Sam Brickman

Lead Artist

Kay Rufai

Design and Animation

James Rushton

Technical Supervisor

Mike Smith

Dylan Steenkamp

Tate Young People's Programme


Rachel Noel


Péjú Oshin

Assistant Curator

Michael Irwin

Lead Tate Collective Producer

Tara White

Better Bankside

Bankside Urban Forest Manager

Valerie Beirne

Bosco College


Darren Coghlan


Donna Sangster

Harry Scowne

Sapphire Wilken

Special Thanks


Ian Woodall

Insight Insurance

Alex Collett

Event Rigging Services

Dave Rogers

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