United Visual Artists

LG Signature Collaboration

For LG’s SIGNATURE Collaboration with Matt Clark, Treatment was asked to produce a composition for display on LG’s new OLED TV, utilising the paper-thin screen as a canvas to create a moving painting with light and sound.

Inspired by the themes of Edwin A. Abbot’s novella Flatland, the piece explored the true-to-life colour reproduction and deep blacks of the screen while showcasing the brand’s new paper thin, rollable TV.


United Visual Artists

Creative Direction

Matt Clark


Giles Maunsell

Design and animation

Noah Campeau

Additional animation

Rosalvo Melo

Sam Brickman

UVA LG greed pattern
UVA LG red pattern
UVA LG greed pattern 2
UVA LG red waves
UVA LG blue waves
UVA LG blue waves 2

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