The Joshua Tree

2017 saw The Joshua Tree tour mark a celebration of the original album and tour of the same name undertaken by U2 in 1987 and features the complete album played out in sequence.

Show Designer, Willie Williams designed the stage around a 7.6K resolution video screen measuring 61 x 14 metres, making it the largest and highest resolution video screen of any concert tour.

Treatment collaborated with Anton Corbijn and JR to produce video cinegraphic content.  Alongside producing work with Corbijn and JR, Treatment developed additional visual content for the show, notably a celebration of women throughout history for the song UltraViolet.

In the autumn of 2019 the tour visited Australasia and Asia culminating in the band's first ever live show in India.

Creative Director

Willie Williams

Production Design

Willie Williams
Ric Lipson
Es Devlin

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson


Lizzie Pocock
Ben Nicholson

Live Video Director

Stefaan "Smasher" Desmedt
Matt Askem 

The Joshua Tree Films Director

Anton Corbijn

Syria Film Director



Chris Shone
Susana Yamamoto
Terry Scruby
Brandon Kraemer
Brett Bolton
Rosalvo Melo 
Noah campeau


Warren Chapman
James Rose

Tour Production Director

Jake Berry

Treatment Production Manager

Helen Campbell


Matthew Sanger

Video Content Legal

Sebastian Davey for Russells

U2 Joshua Tree red silhouette
U2 Joshua Tree desert
U2 Joshua Tree face close up
U2 Joshua Tree stage
U2 Joshua Tree lines fade
U2 Joshua Tree Bono
U2 Joshua Tree women of the world
U2 Joshua Tree multicolour tree
U2 Joshua Tree stage  2
U2 Joshua Tree road

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