Willie Williams’ long standing relationship with U2 continues with the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour in his role as Creative Director of one of the most technically complex shows from any artist to date.

The staging utilised a re-imagined version of the 30-meter long, transparent screen / catwalk element, from the 2015 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour, suspended in the centre of each arena.  The 2018 version featured a LED screen of ten times the resolution of its predecessor and a free-floating catwalk.  The band could play in many different locations including inside the screen itself, creating montages of live camera & pre-recorded images incorporating the live performers.  The screen acted as a trigger for augmented reality, as well as being a moving catwalk to transport the band from one end of the arena to the other.  The result was an incredibly intimate in-the-round show, in the vast setting of a 20,000 strong audience.  

The narrative of the show was illustrated with video content produced by Treatment.

Creative Director

Willie Williams

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson, for Treatment Ltd


Lizzie Pocock, for Treatment Ltd


Susana Yamamoto

Brandon Kraemer

Brett Bolton

Rosalvo Melo

Catherine Woodhouse

Ronnie Deelan

Kooch Chung

David Shepherd

Simon Russell

Chris Halls

Freddie Lewis Hall

Hamid Bahrami

Campbell McAllistar

Warren Chapman

Chris Shone

Terry Scruby

Noah Campeau

Film Direction

Tom Krueger

David Mushegain

Anton Corbijn

Matt Mahurin

Protest Artworks

Edel Rodriguez

Graphic Novel Art

Reza Dolatabadi

David Shepherd

Gareth Blayney

Innocence Drawings

Oliver Jeffers

Production Manager

Helen Campbell, for Treatment Ltd

Video Assistant

Sam Brickman


Matthew Sanger

Video Content Legal

Sebastian Davey, for Russells

With thanks to

Eli Hewson

Sian Evans

Morleigh Steinberg

Martin Wroe & Sebastian Clayton At U2.com

Lisa Wrake

Mark Pellington

Chris Levine

James Sirmon

Julia Goldberg

Ben Nicholson

Nexus Productions

Broken Fingaz


Richard Mosse

Jordana Baldwin

Ary Warnaar

Louis Shannon

Rony Abovitz

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