The Rolling Stones

No Filter Tour

The No Filter tour ran from 2017 to 2019 and featured four monolithic and now iconic screens.  The screens were home to a series of unique and contemporary video looks, created by Treatment which evolved over the course of the tour.

Collaborating with a wide range of artists, photographers, typographers, tattoo artists and many more resulted in extremely rich, modern and varied visuals to match the breadth of music in the Stones’ vast repertoire.

Video Producer

Sam Pattinson

Giles Maunsell

Lizzie Pocock

Show Director

Patrick Woodroffe

Video Content Direction

Tal Rosner

Damian Hale

Noah Campeau


Rosalvo Melo

Catherine Woodhouse

Dave Shepherd

Susana Yamamoto

Gareth Blayney

Sam Brickman

Warren Chapman

Alex Eckford

Kooch Chung

Brett Bolton

Morgan Berenger

Annelise Keestra

Jonny Stopford


Neil Harris - We Are Shop

Mani Sigfusson

Iain Finlay

Andrea Cuius

Nigel Coan

Sean Capone

Jonathan Barnbrook


Lisa Wrake

Marie Sena

Mark Norton


Matthew Sanger

Treatment Production Manager

Helen Campbell

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