I’m Fine / One in Three

Self Esteem

Rebecca Lucy Taylor, aka Self Esteem, was invited to compose the soundtrack for Jodie Comer’s West End debut in the play “Prima Facie” at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

Prima Facie producer, James Bierman, suggested that, by way of celebrating this powerful collaboration, Self Esteem might play a gig on the stage of the theatre, surrounded by the set of the play. This proved impractical so he suggested that instead perhaps a performance could be filmed to be part of the “NT Live” broadcast of the play.

Treatment produced the shoot with Willie Williams directing. Two songs were filmed, the Self Esteem song “I’m Fine” and a piece Rebecca wrote for Prima Facie called “One in Three”, which is the closing song of the play.

The parameters of filming were extremely tight, given that the stage had to be clear by 5pm in order to reset for the evening performance of Prima Facie. This gave a focus and urgency to the shoot which translated to great energy in the band performance.


Rebecca Lucy Taylor


Willie Williams


Matt Cummins

Director of Photography

Ricky Patel


Warren Chapman


Ben Scott

Executive Producer

James Bierman, Empire Street Productions

Video Producer

Sam Brickman


Dylan Steenkamp


James Rushton

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