Brit Awards 2020

Treatment was asked to collaborate with TawBox to create the live visuals for Mabel’s BRIT award 2020 performance of Don't Call Me Up.

Working to a brief of high school corridors and phones, we wanted to create visually striking designs that placed Mabel in the centre of the performance.  Careful attention was given to ensure the visuals did not  detract from the choreography but maintained a vivid aesthetic both in the venue and for the viewers at home.

Show Design and Direction


Video Producers

Sam Pattinson
Giles Maunsell

Design Lead

Noah Campeau


Noah Campeau
Mark Hough
Kooch Chung
James Rushton

Mabel stage phone
Mabel stage lockers
Mabel stage gradient
Mabel stage dancing lockers
Mabel stage long shot
Mabel stage gold phone
Mabel telephone clones
Mabel phone headset

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