John Mayer

Solo Tour 2023

Treatment provided comprehensive production design for John Mayer’s first ever solo tour in early 2023.

Having worked with the artist and his team for over 10 years, we had an excellent understanding of how to create the best stage, lighting and video for the show.

50 LED slats provided an elegant and versatile light source on stage, whilst a combination of projection and LED screens showcased an array of video content and Notch effects.

Over 25 pieces of content, ranging from epic landscapes and architecture to vibrant paint and lighting pieces, the Treatment team worked in a highly collaborative environment with the artist to create an abstract, lo-fi aesthetic.

Show Creative Direction and Design

Sam Pattinson

Screen Content Creative Directors

Damian Hale
Noah Campeau

Screen Content Producers

Sam Brickman
Julia Goldberg


Gareth Blayney

Design & Animation

Damian Hale

Noah Campeau

James Rushton

Gareth Blayney

Sam Munnings

Rosalvo Melo

Tim Booth
Susanna Yamamoto

Terry Scruby

Charlie Broome


Iain Finlay

Technical Coordinator

Dylan Steenkamp

Technical Drawings

Mike Smith

Notch Design

Brandon Kraemer

Lighting Design

Ethan Webber

Camera Director

Mike Duque


Chris Clatterbuck

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