John Mayer

Sob Rock tour 2022

We designed the entire production for The Sob Rock Tour 2022. Inspired by the Sob Rock album cover, our concept was to use forced perspective to create a beautiful and evolving environment for John’s performance. We built a roof made up of 21 slats with integrated lighting, and two angled LED walls. This created a versatile space that transformed from abstract scenes to magical vistas.

Creative Direction & Stage Design

Sam Pattinson

Video Designer

Noah Campeau

Associate Set Designer

Gareth Blayney

Production Technical Director

Mike Smith

Video Technical Director

Brandon Kraemer

Design & Animation

Damian Hale

Susanna Yamamoto 

James Rushton 

Henrique Ghersi 

Rosalvo Melo 

Tim Booth 

Karen Munoz 

Timelapse Photography

Gavi Hefferman & Harun Mehmedinovic

Camera Director

Jack Banks

Lighting Director

Ethan Weber

Technical Support

Dave Shepherd
Dylan Steenkamp

Production Co-Ordinator

Tasha Bangaroo

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