George Ezra

Gold Rush Kid Tour 2022

In Summer 2022, Treatment were asked to visualise the sunshine-pop of George Ezra’s latest tour, ‘The Adventures of The Gold Rush Kid’.

After the success of George’s festival shows earlier in 2022, Treatment continued their close collaboration with Show Designer, Cate Carter.

Under the creative direction of Damian Hale, Treatment designed content exploring the tour’s themes of theatre, adventure and nostalgia, with both rendered animations and real-time Notch effects.

Executive Producer

Lizzie Pocock


Sam Brickman

Content Creative Director

Damian Hale

Show Design Concept

Cate Carter

Flora Harvey

Production Design

Cate Carter

Mike Smith

Animation and Design

Chris Krupa

Gareth Blayney

James Rushton

Laura Quinn

Tim Booth

Roger Chiaw

Rosalvo Melo

Claire Thimon

Notch Design

Dave Shepherd

Technical Assistant

Dylan Steenkamp

Production Manager

Jake Vernum

Tour Manager

Trevor Plunkett

Video Director

Phil Woodhead

Lighting & Video Programmer and Screens Director

Joe Lott

Lighting Director

Chris Taylor

Scenic Design

Flora Harvey

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