The Last Domino? Tour

On the road together for the first time in nearly 15 years, Genesis are back with a typically ambitious show. The show featured many memorable moments. Huge epic pieces like Home By The Sea and Domino were balanced by beautiful slower moments like in Fading Lights and Tonight Tonight. The dynamic lighting rig and video screens worked together to create a great variety of looks and atmospheres to match those of the eclectic setlist.

Creative Director

Noah Campeau

Show Design and Direction

Patrick Woodroffe

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson


Giles Maunsell

Assistant Producer

Sam Brickman

Design and Animation

Gareth Blayney
Sam Brickman
Noah Campeau
Sam Munnings
Rosalvo Melo
Simon Russell
James Rushton
Terry Scruby
Lisa Wrake
Susana Yamamoto


Warren Chapman

Mama Shoot Director

Hopi Allard

Technical Support

Dylan Steenkamp

Lighting Design

Patrick Woodroffe

Roland Greil

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