Elton John

Dodgers Stadium 2022

We were delighted to rework Elton's Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour content for his historic performance at Dodgers Stadium. His first there since the legendary shows in 1975.

The stadium show format was expanded on to the house screens and LED ribbons, creating a wrap around experience for the audience.

The concert was the first to be live streamed on Disney Plus, reaching an enormous global audience.

Creative Direction

David Furnish

Tony King

Sam Pattinson

Patrick Woodroffe

Exec Producer

Sam Pattinson


Lizzie Pocock

Sam Brickman

Giles Maunsell


Kooch Chung

Susana Yamamoto

Dave Shepherd

Lisa Wrake

Brad Purnell

Ronnie Deelen

Gareth Blayney

Mark Hough

Chris Cousins

Terry Scruby

Simon Russell

Alex Eckford

Rosalvo Melo

Catherine Woodhouse

Noah Campeau

James Rushton

Tim Booth

Dylan Steenkamp

Charlie Broome

Austin Shaw

Video Editor

Warren Chapman

Technical Coordinator

Dylan Steenkamp 

Production Manager

Helen Campbell for Treatment Ltd

Researcher and Archivist

Matthew Sanger

Production Assistants

Sam Brickman

George Stone

Stage Design

Ray Winkler Stufish

Lighting Design

Woodroffe Bassett Design

Treatment Ltd Legal

Sebastian Davey at Russells

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Original Illustrations by Alan Aldridge, Copyright of Captain Fantastic Enterprises Ltd

Border Song

Joseph Guay


Steve Sawalich

The Bitch Is Back

Steve Corfe, World of Wonder

Candle In The Wind

David LaChapelle


David LaChapelle

Tiny Dancer

Max Weilland

I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

Photography Courtesy of Martin Parr

Philadelphia Freedom

Sammy Rawal

Bennie and the Jets Illustrations

Richard Killroy

Shoot Producers

Matt Cummings

Director of Photography

Matt North

Show Photos


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