Blue Paradox

Immersive Experience

The Blue Paradox is an immersive experience on the ocean's plastic crisis. The exhibition was designed to help educate and shed light on the impact plastic waste has on our planet’s most valuable resource, the ocean. Treatment collaborated with Radical Media to produce video content across the exhibition which included an immersive film celebrating the beauty of the ocean, reactive floors of bioluminescent plankton and interactive sequences focusing on ways to help reduce plastic waste. 


Lizzie Pocock

Creative Direction

Warren Chapman
Mark Hough
Tal Rosner


Kooch Chung
Ben Mason
Rosalvo Melo
Marcos Savignano
Susana Yamamoto


Sam Brickman
Iain Finlay
Ed Saunders

Technical Direction

David Shepherd


Alex Eckford

Research & Archivist

Matthew Sanger

Music & Sound Design

Dom Shovelton

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