Augmented Artefact

Atlantic Institute

Atlantic Fellows is a global programme working with diverse communities to empower emerging thinkers and leaders to advance fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies.

To commemorate the graduation of the 2021 Atlantic Fellows we produced a physical artefact which was sent to the graduates as a celebration of their work and to provide a vehicle through which messages of welcome from each programme could be brought into their homes via Augmented Reality.

As a reaction to a world that has become increasingly digital the challenge was to explore how augmented reality can help the fellows be meaningfully together whilst being physically apart, to inspire and nurture the important connections within the communities.


Lizzie Pocock


Morgan Beringer

Noah Campeau

James Rushton

Susana Yamamoto

Artefact Design

Mike Smith

Flora Harvey

App Design & Development

Mike Smith

Alessandro Straccia

Karl Taylor

Designed in collaboration with

Alice Rowe and Senior Fellows at the Atlantic Institute

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