The Story of the Moon Landing

Apollo 11 is a new play with an original story inspired by the Apollo missions.  The show is performed by a cast of 20 in a custom built, temporary theatre space with 40,000 square feet of video projections.

Apollo 11 tells the story of the moon landing from the perspective of the 400,000 people who worked together to put astronauts on the moon and bring them safely home.

Treatment was commissioned to produce video content to support the narrative of the show.  Working to an overall canvas of approximately 20,000 pixels we embarked on re-telling some of the most iconic TV moments in history.

Using a combination of archive footage from the Apollo missions and 3D generated animation we produced 360 content that encompassed everything from the launch of the Saturn V rocket, to those magical moments when man first landed on the moon.

Show Director

Scott Faris

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson


Lizzie Pocock

Creative Director

Damian Hale

Technical Director

David Shepherd

Technical Supervisor

Brandon Kraemer

Video Design & Animation

Gareth Blayney

James Brocklebank

Henrique Ghersi

Jim Greenslade

Mark Hough

Rosalvo Melo

Laura Quinn

George Stone

Video Editing

Warren Chapman
Brandon Kraemer
Sam Brickman

Video Programmer

Emily Malone

Research & Archivist

Matthew Sanger


Will Everitt for Lee & Thompson

Previsualisation & VR

Alex Eckford

Production Manager

Helen Campbell

Set & Costume Design

Leslie Traver

Lighting Design

Bruno Poet


James Seymour Brett

Sound Design

Bobby Aitken


Nick Grace Management

Apollo Astronaut walk
Apollo neon lights
Apollo 1
Apollo 2
Apollo launch
Apollo landing
Apollo moon surface
Apollo astronaut faces

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