Live 2016

Treatment was honoured to work with Es Devlin and Patrick Woodroffe on the now iconic tour to celebrate the release of Adele’s third studio album.

Working to create an intimate atmosphere the final design consisted of a rear LED wall and a transparent gauze around the perimeter of the stage to give an illusion of a picture frame.

With the narrative of the show being so much about the voice and the person behind it, much of the content originated from imagery of Adele. The boundaries between live and pre-shot content often became blurred adding to the beauty and intimacy of the overall performance.

Inspiration was also drawn from Adele’s notebooks and photographs which helped to tell a very honest and personal story.

Creative Direction & Production Design

Es Devlin

Video Creative Director

Luke Halls

Associate Video Creative Director

Warren Chapman


Lizzie Pocock

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson


Christian Mcilveen

Video Assistant

Sam Brickman


Susana Yamamoto


Mark Sherratt

Graham Carlow

Shoot Producer

Adam Smith

Director of Photography

Kit Fraser

Sebastian Cort

Tony Miller

Adele Live 2016 eyes open
Adele Live 2016 faded
Adele Live 2016 projection
Adele Live 2016 scribbles
Adele Live 2016 eyes and cloud

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