Power Trip 2023

We were delighted to continue our collaboration with AC/DC for their first performance in 7 years at the Power Trip Festival in Coachella Valley. The festival featured an impressive lineup of legendary artists and bands, including Metallica, Judas Priest, and Guns N' Roses, with AC/DC taking the center stage as the headline act on Saturday night. Using the band's iconography throughout, Treatment designed a unique show tailored to a devout audience, producing and delivering all the visual and on screen content for this legendary weekend. The scale of the screens allowed our team to create stunning, super wide landscapes while still adhering to AC/DC's rock n roll aesthetic of muscle cars, hellish landscapes, dramatic skylines, snakes and their iconic Rosie figure, it was a great challenge for the team reinventing these iconic visuals for a modern audience.

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson

Creative Director

Noah Campeau

Lighting Director

Patrick Woodroffe


Sam Brickman

Design & Animation

Noah Campeau
Gareth Blayney
Susanna Yamamoto
Lee Robinson
Helder Ferreira
Máni Sigfússon
Kooch Chung
Austin Shaw

Technical Director for Treatment

Dylan Steenkamp

Notch Design

Brandon Kraemer

Lighting Design

Woodroffe Bassett Design

Production Coordinator

Aggy Vane

Camera Director

Mike Duque

Video Programming

Early Bird Visual

Video Vendor


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