Power Up 2024

Following the success of the band’s triumphant return to live shows in 2023 at the Power Trip Festival, AC/DC began their first tour in 8 years at the Veltins Arena in Germany. 

Continuing our collaboration with Woodroffe Bassett Design, Treatment transformed the visuals from the previous show into a striking body of work suited to a European tour.

The stage design created by Stufish separated the LED screens into multiple configurations and allowed the show’s content Creative Director, Terry Scruby, a unique canvas to develop the show’s narrative.

Classic rock and roll motifs feature throughout, mixing 80’s nostalgia with a sharp contemporary design focus, culminating in an exhilarating show for the band’s die-hard fans.

Show Director

Patrick Woodroffe

Creative Director

Terry Scruby

Noah Campeau


Sam Brickman

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson

Lighting Director

Terry Cook

Stage Design


Design & Animation

Terry Scruby

Noah Campeau

Dan Wise

Daniel Prince

Gareth Blayney

Susanna Yamamoto

Lee Robinson

Helder Ferreira

Máni Sigfússon

Kooch Chung

Austin Shaw

Jonah Becker

Content Technical Manager

Dylan Steenkamp

Notch Design

Dave Shepherd

Video Programming

Early Bird Visual

Technical Design



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