Sphere Las Vegas

In September 2023, Treatment had the honor of reuniting with U2, for what would become their most monumental collaboration to date. 

This incredible show marked the grand opening of the cutting-edge performance venue, The Sphere, situated in the heart of Las Vegas. The show was a true feat of creativity and technology with stunning visuals, a 270-degree array of LED screens, and a circular stage inspired by Brian Eno's iconic LED turntable.

U2 has always been known for pushing boundaries in terms of their live show design, and The Sphere presented an opportunity to push those boundaries even further. Led by Creative and Show Director, Willie Williams, the Treatment team were pivotal in creating an all-encompassing show that delivered both creatively and technically on a scale that had never been attempted before. 

Willie Williams led the design team to create an awe-inspiring, sensory- filled journey that brought U2's "Achtung Baby" album to life 30 years after its initial release, delivering moments of monumental scale and spectacle but also of intense intimacy. 

Treatment were responsible for design and production of the video content for the show which was crafted in house by our talented team of designers. Inspired by the premise of a group art show, U2 invited commissions from established artists John Gerrard, Es Devlin, Marco Brambilla and Industrial Light & Magic all of whom Treatment collaborated closely with throughout the production process. 


Willie Williams

Technical Director

Brandon Kraemer


Lizzie Pocock

Associate Director

Mike Smith

Project Manager

Julia Goldberg

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson

Design & Animation

Gareth Blayney

Tim Booth

Charlie Broome

Kooch Chung

Andy Evans

Jim Greenslade

Brandon Kraemer

Rosalvo Melo

Sam Munnings

Nick Reyniers

James Rushton

Susana Yamamoto

Notch Design

Brett Bolton

Creative Technologists

Lee Sampson

Dylan Steenkamp

Pipeline & Delivery Manager

Kelly Fin


Warren Chapman


Matthew Sanger

Austin Shaw

Sound Design

Declan Gaffney

Storyboard Artist

Gabriel Schucan


Will Everitt for Lee & Thompson

Concept & Original Design

Samples of ZooTV 1992 by Mark Pellington

Stage Generative colours created by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers

Photos provided by:

Treatment, Stufish, Rich Fury and Kevin Mazur.

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