Amazon Music Live

Lil Baby

Amazon Music commissioned Treatment to bring their exciting new series of music events to life. Working with their creative team, Treatment designed, built and produced all aspects of the 8 weekly concerts which were broadcast live after Thursday Night Football Games on Prime Video.

Our innovative approach to the Set, Lighting and Video Design created a bespoke and unique environment for each artist’s performance.

Lil Baby’s show referenced the artwork from his recently released number 1 album, It’s Only Me. A conceptual show rooted in a rich, painterly world featuring lakes, cliffs, waterfalls and forests heavily accented with complementary lighting and real-time video effects.

Amazon Creative Directors

Ed Walker

Kyle Goldberg

Amazon Executive Producer

Dana Kurth


Kerry Asmussen


Chase Smith

Production Designer / Technical Director

Mike Smith

Show Director

Cate Carter

Associate Scenic Designer

Flora Harvey

Production Manager

Chris Booth

Production Assistant

Hannah Johnson

Lighting Director

Dom Adams

Screens Director

Manuel Conde

Content Creative Director

Damian Hale

Content Producer

Giles Maunsell

Design and Animation

Terry Scruby

Notch Design

Brett Bolton

Technical Coordinator

Dylan Steenkamp


Lighting and Automation

Upstaging Inc



Staging and Screen Automation

All Access

Scenic suppliers

Jon Perry Scenic





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