Stories of Surrender Tour 2022

Initially framed as a ‘book tour’ to promote his autobiography Surrender40 Songs, One Story, Bono’s first solo live appearances grew into a concept-performance within a multimedia environment. 

The show incorporated songs, with live musicians reimagining U2 classics, along with a kind of ‘performed storytelling’ amid animations of his own drawings. The setting was extremely simple but conjured a huge range of emotions that never failed to connect with the audience.

In 2022, Stories of Surrender played seven cities in North America and seven cities across Europe, before returning to New York in the Spring of 2023 for a run at the Beacon Theatre on Broadway.

Written by

Bono & Bill Flanagan


Willie Williams

Musical Director

Jacknife Lee




Smasher Desmedt

Sam Brickman

Rosewood Creative

Audio Director

Joe O’Herlihy

Set Design

Ric Lipson & Willie Williams

Lighting Design

Willie Williams

Lighting Director

Alex Murphy (tour)

Matt Beecher (Broadway)


Ross Stewart & Ric Lipson