Sigur Rós

World Tour 2022

The Sigur Rós 2022 world tour has been their first in almost five years, and sees the return of founding member Kjartan Sveinsson for the first time in over a decade.

Visually the tour is a culmination of the long creative relationship between Treatment, Damian Hale and Sigur Rós. 

This relationship began in 2011, when Damian and Sarah Hopper won the first ever Knights Of Illumination video design award for their work with the band.

The visual design of the performance echoes the dynamism of the bands repertoire, creating an arc ranging from moments of delicate beauty to intense ferocious and primal energy.

Video Creative Director

Damian Hale

Art Director for Sigur Rós

Sarah Hopper


Chris Krupa

Susana Yamamoto

Costa Caldeira

Dave Shepherd

Charlie Broome

Technical delivery

Dylan Steenkamp

Lighitng Director

Bruno Poet


Nick Woodward-Shaw

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