Alicia Keys

World Tour 2022

Show Director, Sylvia Zakhary asked us to contribute content for four songs to be performed on Alicia’s World Tour 2022, her first in ten years. The sequence, directed by Noah Campeau, started with the show opener Nat King Cole, which framed Alicia’s reveal, followed by Truth Without Love, You Don’t Know My Name and Wasted Energy. The animation for the four songs created a seamless sequence that runs for 14 minutes. We worked alongside Boxcat, who created the majority of the show content, and Screen Directors George Thomson and Harrison Smith.

Tour Creative Director

Sylvia Zakhary

Animation Design Director

Noah Campeau

Nat King Cole Animation

James Rushton
Noah Campeau

Truth Without Love Animation

Noah Campeau

You Don't Know My Name Design and Animation

Terry Scruby

Wasted Energy Animation

Susana Caldeira Yamamoto


Andy Evans


Sam Pattinson

Other Tour Content


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