DJ and producer Moscoman wanted to support his new album with a full visual accompaniment that would work both in live scenarios and online as a series of music videos.

While the videos each reflect the mood of the song and personality of the guest vocalists they are connected by a common visual language. When played live different elements of the tracks are mixed and layered, so likewise the video is separated into components with the whole audio-visual package effectively being remixed at each show.

Creative Director

Damian Hale


Lizzie Pocock

Photogrammetry / 3D Scanning

Alex Carlisle

Alex Eckford


Susana Yamamoto

Rosalvo Melo

Video Assistant

Sam Brickman

Moscoman face
Moscoman waves
Moscoman buildin windows
Moscoman square flight
Moscoman pink cloud flight
Moscoman swimming pool ladder
Moscoman disco floor
Moscoman pool tiles
Moscoman mobile phone bottle
Moscoman red white wave eye

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