Sport Relief 2020

Following the success of Comic Relief 2019, Treatment was asked to work on the visual identity for Sport Relief 2020.  Given the brief of 'sport lines' we wanted to provide a visually arresting design that worked for both the scenic design and broadcast output.

The use of 22 individual LED screens, bold colours, sport lines, balls and photography gave a strong aesthetic to the show both in the studio and at home.


Lizzie Pocock

Giles Maunsell

Content Creative Director

Noah Campeau


Noah Campeau

Rosalvo Melo

James Rushton

Executive Producer, Sport Relief

Richard Curtis

Executive Producer, BBC

Peter Davey

Executive Producer, BBC

Colin Hopkins


John L Spencer

Lighting Design

Chris Kempton

Set Design

Patrick Doherty

Sports relief 2020 Stage 1
Sports relief 2020 Stage 2
Sports relief 2020 Title design pink with blue lines
Sports relief 2020 Stage 3
Sports relief 2020 Stage 4
Sports relief 2020 Title design light blue with dark blue lines
Sports relief 2020 Title design blue with balls

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