Live 2019

Treatment was invited to collaborate with twst to create the visuals for her debut live performance.

Working from twst’s hikikomori baby concept we wanted to create work that felt insular and agitated whilst remaining captivating and vibrant but challenging.  Enabling twst to film the audience with her phone and stream that to the screen really created the reversed engagement with the audience they were hoping to achieve.

Creative Director

James ‘Milky’ Rushton


Lizzie Pocock

Stage Design

Mirrad Ltd.

Video Assistant

Sam Brickman


Sam Kay

James ‘Milky’ Rushton

twst stage 3
twst stage 2
twst stage 1
twst stage 5
twst stage 4
twst stage 6
twst stage 7
twst stage 8
twst stage 9
twst stage 10
twst stage 12
twst stage 13
twst stage 15

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