Shawn Mendes

World Tour 2019

Treatment has been working with Shawn Mendes since his 2017 Illuminate tour and joined the team to work on a new design for his 2019 tour. The design saw a single, circular LED screen hung behind Shawn on the main stage which hosted gorgeously inky watercolour content. Flowers, forests, cosmic nebulae and a giant setting sun flowed together to create a dreamlike world.

Shawn also went on to use graphics we created for the show as artwork for his subsequent record releases.


Giles Maunsell

Creative Director

Paul Caslin

Production Design

Nathan Taylor

Lighting Design

Louis Oliver


Catherine Woodhouse

Susana Yamamoto

Rosalvo Melo

Máni Sigfússon

Shawn Mendes 2019 Tour stage smokey silhouette
Shawn Mendes 2019 Tour space
Shawn Mendes 2019 Tour vertical pixel sort
Shawn Mendes 2019 Tour shatter
Shawn Mendes 2019 Tour sunset

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