We Will Rock You

UK Tour 2019/2020

This new touring version of Phil Mcintyre and Queen’s futuristic hit musical featured full stage video screens in place of a traditional set.

From Killer Queen’s dystopian city skyline and headquarters to the ruins and subsequent rebuilding of Wembley Stadium, every scene was conceived and developed by Treatment.

Panoramic scenic elements were combined with animated video pieces to create a totally re-imagined and immersive version of the show.

Video Producer

Giles Maunsell

Video Design & Animation

Henrique Ghersi

Sam Munnings

Gareth Blayney

Kooch Chung

Susana Yamamoto

Show Producer

Phil Mcintyre Entertainments

Show Director

Cornelius Balthus

Set Design

Stufish Entertainment Architects

Lighting Design

Rob Sinclair & Douglas Green

WWRY stage
WWRY wasteland
WWRY Gaga University
WWRY wasteland sun
WWRY wasteland stadium
WWRY live montage
WWRY Freddie Mercury sillhouette

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