AR Experience

The U2 eXPERIENCE augmented reality app was created to build a groundbreaking bridge between the band’s music and hundreds of thousands of participants, bringing the U2 experience closer than ever before.

This unprecedented platform allows for both onsite functionality - allowing entire venues of concert-goers to experience in-app exclusive sound and visuals, combined together or the first time in a fully synchronous, real-time environment - as well as offsite pairing features for pre-and after-show participation.

The app gives exclusive access to an unlimited number of users together in another dimension, and promotes global sharing of that experience via the custom platform’s capability to capture photos of the real-time content.




Willie Williams


Damian Hale

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson


Lizzie Pocock

Technical Project Manager

Julia Goldberg


David Shepherd

Gareth Blayney

Video Assistant

Sam Brickman

With thanks to

Nexus Productions

U2 AR stage face
U2 AR audience and stage
U2 AR bono on stage and face on screen
U2 AR audience
U2 AR mobile phone
U2 AR bono on stage

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