Louis Vuitton

Time Capsule

Following on from the success of the Series 3 Exhibition, Treatment was asked to collaborate on a new iteration and touring version of the Magic Malle for Louis Vuitton which focused on celebrating the heritage and inspirations behind the brand’s latest collections. The touring element of the exhibition meant that there were various considerations to be made during the design process to ensure that the piece could be translated into all locations and territories.

The result was a replica of an iconic Louis Vuitton trunk, fabricated from bespoke video screens and finished with original LV leather trimmings - which allowed us to bring the trunk to life before the eyes of the visitor. The trunk sits within four walls of LED showing supporting video content to further enhance the story being told.

The exhibition has travelled all over the globe from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and Jakarta to Madrid.

Creative Director

Tal Rosner


Lizzie Pocock

Production Design

Nathan Taylor

Sound Design

George Wilkins


Noah Campeau

Rosalvo Melo

LV Time Capsule space image
LV Time Capsule classic image
LV Time Capsule verticla strips
LV Time Capsule tour image 1
LV Time Capsule Supreme 1
LV Time Capsule Supreme 2
LV Time Capsule vintage
LV Time Capsule tour image 2

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