New Order


Taking visual cues from their extensive and iconic back catalogue, Treatment created a visual language to represent New Order’s hugely iconic history while keeping an eye on the future.

We worked very closely with the band to ensure that sound and image were completely in sync and as well as classic graphic design and music videos, we were allowed access to archive footage that had never been used before.

Like the music, the visuals combined looser, more organic elements, including footage shot by the band and friends, with meticulously programmed digital sequences.

Creative Director

Damian Hale


Susana Yamamoto


Warren Chapman


Mark Hough

Technical Director

Dave Shepherd


Sam Pattinson

New Order tour head
New Order tour shattered head statue
New Order tour geometric shapes
New Order tour skyline
New Order tour retro streaks
New Order tour blue squares
New Order tour geometric lines
New Order tour red circles

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