Pet Shop Boys

Inner Sanctum

Treatment worked with Es Devlin and Lynne Page to create a show for a 4 night residency at the Royal Opera House, London.

Video content played throughout the show on a number of different layers/surfaces which played with the audience's depth perception to create an ever evolving show that blurs the lines between pop and art.

Creative Direction

Es Devlin

Stage Director

Lynne Page

Video Design

Luke Halls

Tal Rosner

Executive Producer

Sam Pattinson


Lizzie Pocock


Warren Chapman

Samantha Neale


Susana Yamamoto

Chris Shone

Rosalvo Melo

Marcos Monteiro

Video Assistant

Sam Brickman

Director of Photography

Kit Fraser

Shoot Producer

Adam Smith

PSB Inner Sanctum stage flower
PSB Inner Sanctum stage circles
PSB Inner Sanctum stripes
PSB Inner Sanctum mirrored dance
PSB Inner Sanctum stage pods
PSB Inner Sanctum purple background flower head
PSB Inner Sanctum heads

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